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Halvaei Holding

Halvaei Holding was established in 2003 by Mohammad Reza Halvaei with a commercial approach, production and distribution of health, cosmetics and perfumes with the following objectives:

1.Obtaining representation from reputable European companies and obtaining the necessary licenses for import in order to meet the needs of different segments of society in order to develop the supply of health-oriented goods.
2.Establish an advanced global distribution network to expedite the delivery of goods to sales centers across the country.

3.Design and build applications and create online stores for direct supply of goods to end consumers.

4.Obtaining the production license of the mentioned brands in Iran with the ability to

 re-export and create a positive currency balance.

5.Construction of the factory with the latest standards and technology in the world in order to produce national brands with world quality

6.Prepare a development plan with the aim of creating employment for more than 3,000 people directly and so many times indirectly to 1400.

7.Establishment of a charity organization and allocation of a certain part of the genuine profit of Halvaei Holding to Gharz al-Hasna Fund and construction of educational and medical complexes inpoor areas of the country.

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